DeWoolfson Frequently Asked Questions
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Why are some comforters baffled?

Comforters can either be baffled or sewn-through. A baffle is an internal fabric wall that separates the top and bottom layers of fabric in a comforter. It allows the down to loft and reach its maximum loft. It also adds strength to the comforter - allowing it to "give" and thus reducing stresses on the stitching when you toss and turn at night. A sewn through comforter is suitable only for the thinnest and lightest weights. And even then, completely stitching through the comforter makes it feel more like a quilted spread and less like you would expect a down comforter to feel. Unlike most comforters, DeWoolfson sews its baffles with all internal seams so that no threads are visible on the outside of the comforter. DeWoolfson's exacting internal construction and close sewing tolerances minimize the potential for the down to shift.

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