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We do not see the exact size comforter that we need on your website. Is it possible to make a custom size for us?

Yes, we can create custom size comforters. In deciding what size you need, remember that the size of your comforter on the bed will actually be the size of the duvet cover that it is in. And in order to fill out your cover, ideally your comforter should be at least as large, or larger, than the cover. There is no such thing as having a down comforter that is too big for the cover. Down is a "fluid", in that it conforms to any shape of any container into which it is placed. So simply order the proper size, or larger size than the cover you plan to use.

Keep in mind when ordering, that in our industry the advertised size of any comforter is the "cut size" before it is filled with down. After filling, it will draw up several inches, depending on how full we make it. If you decide to do a custom comforter larger than our standard size King, then you will also need a special size duvet cover to fit it as well. We would be glad to do that for you in our custom sewing department. A 120 x 110 inch comforter, considering the need for extra down, will run about $100 more than our Designer King (115 x 96") found in our catalog. A 120 x 120 inch comforter would be approximately $150.00 more than the price for our Designer King. Typically, allow four to six weeks for custom sized comforters.

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