DeWoolfson Frequently Asked Questions
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What is the best way to clean a down comforter?

First, if properly covered with a protective duvet cover, comforters need very infrequent cleaning. When you must clean it, we suggest that you have your comforter professionally laundered in water (after all, geese do live in water). We do NOT recommend dry cleaning fluid. Please contact our down specialists for ideas, suggestions or alternative cleaning methods. Comforters should not be washed at home. Down comforters are too large for home washers, and if the fabric is torn by the agitator, the down can escape, damaging your washer and possibly causing the water to back up into the laundry room. As it dries, the comforter may expand so much that it will block the escape of hot air from the dryer, resulting in a scorched comforter and a high risk of fire. Do not leave any down product in a dryer unattended. After washing, do not store in plastic, but allow to air. 

If you need assistance in cleaning your comforter, please call us at 1.800.833.3696

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