DeWoolfson Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I know which is the right firmness pillow for me?

Well, before we answer you directly, we will gladly adjust the firmness of your DeWoolfson Down pillow at any time within one year of the date of purchase. We charge only for additional down added, and any removed will be returned to you in a separate cotton storage bag.

We recommend that you choose a soft pillow for stomach sleeping, a firm pillow for side sleeping (to keep your head level) and a medium firmness for back sleeping. We hear often from customers who suffer from headaches and discomfort from sleeping with the wrong pillow. Of course, we make no claims about curing headaches, but the right pillow can make a difference in a comfortable night's sleep. We even hear of customers who complain of "neck aches" from sleeping on a too firm pillow. For these people, we recommend a softer pillow that fits into the curve of the neck, permitting your head to slightly tilt backwards, relieving stresses on the neck area. If you sleep on your stomach, choose a soft or extra soft pillow so that it doesn't push your head up too high. And if you sleep on your side, choose a pillow that is firm enough to fill the breadth of your shoulders and to allow your head to remain at a comfortable level.

While not shown on our website, you can request your pillow be made any way you wish. And as we say in our ads "Take Three At Bedtime ... and If They're Not Right ... We'll Adjust Them in The Morning!"

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