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In shopping, what should I look for in a good QUALITY FEATHERBED?

No matter whom you purchase from, we recommend the following: first, look for one made from fabric that is durable enough to withstand years of use and the constant wear and tear on the seams. Here, do not rely on a high thread count as an indicator of a quality fabric, as a high thread count alone may be an indication that the yarns are too fine for use in featherbeds. We use a weave that is specially designed for featherbeds.

Next, look to see that it is constructed in a baffled box pattern. This will reduce shifting. All DeWoolfson featherbeds are not only constructed in a baffled box pattern (using 4-5" baffled walls), but also contain our own valve system designed to hold the feathers in place after construction is completed. Also, DeWoolfson featherbeds are sewn from the inside out, with internal seams. No open stitches show on the surface of the featherbed, as they would weaken with age.

Be certain that your featherbed contains white goose fill or duck fill and not "waterfowl." If it's not white, but grey fill, it will tint the color of the featherbed. We offer your choice of 10%, 20% or 50% white goose down blended with small, delicate white goose feathers. When comparing, keep in mind that our featherbed with 10% down contains twice as much of the fluffy down clusters as one labeled to contain only 5% down. We suggest that you stay away from products labeled "crushed" feather. This inferior fill is made from large feathers that have been crushed and ground up and does not make a good finished product.

We use up to 25% more fill than other manufacturers, for support.

Finally, our featherbeds are cut and sewn to extra large sizes so that when filled they will fit your mattress perfectly.

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