DeWoolfson Frequently Asked Questions
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Our comforters are filled to five different weights: Florida Light, Southern Light, Carolina Piedmont, Mountain Air, and Canadian Winter. Not all comforter styles are offered in every weight, so check the comforter you are interested in to see if it's available. Consider your climate, the temperature at which you keep your bedroom, the length of season that you're going to use the comforter, and your own body temperature. The Southern Light and Carolina Piedmont are our most popular weights. Both the Florida and Southern Light are perfect summer weight comforters, for use in warmer homes. The Mountain Air is usually suitable for use in a bedroom that is kept at less than 60 degrees F. A Canadian Winter is best suited for colder climates, with indoor bedroom temperature at less than 50 degrees F, although it is very popular for its lofty and dramatic look on the bed. The Mountain Air and Canadian Winter comforters are similar to those that our customers remember from their trips to Germany.

Remember, although comforters are warm, they are light in weight. If you are unsure about the correct weight, select a comforter that is one step lighter than you think you'll need. We can add down to most DeWoolfson comforters, charging only for additional fill added, but it is impossible to remove down from a comforter that is too warm.

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