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A DEWOOLFSON Comforter starts with our Fine Fabrics

Fabrics: Cambric, Sateen, Batiste or Organic Cotton Batiste

We feel choosing a comforter must start with fabric because it sets the tone for the way your sleep. Choose from one of our extraordinary fabrics shown below. Then select your warmth level and fill.


Cambric offers the best value in a downproof fabric we've found. This densely woven long-staple cotton fabric is our most popular choice for comforters, a traditional choice, one widely used across Europe.


Sateen is a supple and shimmering sateen finish long-staple cotton fabric. This comforter will be appreciated by our most discriminating customers for the beauty and feel of its silky, drapable fabric and its heirloom quality construction. Because this fabric is slightly warmer than traditional downproof fabrics, this makes the perfect finish for our heavier comforters.


Batiste distinguishes itself by providing "warmth without weight." Made from the world's finest long-staple cotton and densely woven into a downproof fabric, it weighs over one-third less than our other downproof fabrics. As a result, the down seems to float over you weightlessly, especially in the lightest warmth level comforters.

Organic Cotton Batiste 

Organic long-staple cotton Batiste is made from a lightweight fabric, densely woven in a cambric weave from exceptionally fine yarns spun from 100% organic cotton. This organic cotton is grown free from chemicals and no harmful chemicals are used during production and finishing. Our Batiste fabric surpasses Europe's strict standards for ecologically safe textiles and carries the organic label. This fabric is processed naturally according to GOTS. Comforters are filled with DeWoolfson's hand-harvested European white goose down fill in your choice of 650 or 750 fill power.

Confidence in Textiles

All DEWOOLFSON fabrics are guaranteed to meet strict European environmental standards for ecologically safe textiles and to be free from formaldehyde, chlorine, heavy metals and other harmful chemicals. Good to sleep on, and good for the environment. Awarded at the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology. Hohenstein, Germany. 

Infant/Child Warning

Infants and small children should not be left unattended on any featherbed or comforter. Please see the information on this site or labels attached to your featherbed.


Selecting the Correct Comforter Weight

Comforter Weight

Our comforters are filled to five different weights: Florida Light, Southern Light, Carolina Piedmont, Mountain Air, and Canadian Winter. Not all comforter styles are offered in every weight, so check the comforter you are interested in to see if it's available. Consider your climate, the temperature at which you keep your bedroom, the length of the season that you're going to use the comforter, and your own body temperature. The Southern Light and Carolina Piedmont are our most popular weights. Both the Florida and Southern Light are perfect summer weight comforters, for use in warmer homes. The Mountain Air is usually suitable for use in a bedroom that is kept at less than 60 degrees F. A Canadian Winter is best suited for colder climates, with indoor bedroom temperature at less than 50 degrees F, although it is very popular for its lofty and dramatic look on the bed. The Mountain Air and Canadian Winter comforters are similar to those that our customers remember from their trips to Germany. 

Remember, although comforters are warm, they are light in weight. If you are unsure about the correct weight, select a comforter that is one step lighter than you think you'll need. We can add down to most DeWoolfson comforters, charging only for additional fill added, but it is impossible to remove down from a comforter that is too warm.


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