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Down Pillows

All DEWOOLFSON Down pillows are filled and finished for immediate shipment from our North Carolina plant. We use only hand-select European down fills, washed and processed in the U.S.A., and covered with the same quality downproof fabrics that DEWOOLFSON has used for 35 years. Choose soft, medium or firm, or have one stuffed to your heart's content! Custom fills and sizes always available. If your DEWOOLFSON down pillow is not perfect, return it for adjustment . . . any time within one year of purchase. We charge only for additional down added and return shipping.


Down Pillow Fills

Customize your Pillow

Hand Select Hungarian White Goose Down

Down is the fluffy, delicate undercoating of a goose. Down is valued for its ability to trap air and, depending on the firmness chosen, a down pillow allows the head and neck to find its natural resting position. Our down pillows are available in your choice of our most popular 650 fill power European white goose down or our finest 750 fill power hand selected Hungarian white goose down. For what is perhaps the world's finest pillow, see our Silk Covered Down pillow, using rare 800 fill power white goose down. From an area of Eastern Europe noted for producing the world's finest down. It is specially washed, dried, and sorted to our specifications in the United States as our assurance of final quality. All DEWOOLFSON fills are guaranteed to be of European origin. Our goose down pillows are the ultimate in quality and comfort!

Unlike down, a feather is flat, with a hollow quill running through the center. Feathers are valued for their ability to provide a comfortable and supportive pillow at a value price. Our feather blend pillows are offered in a 50% white goose down / 50% white goose feather or a 20% white goose down / 80% white goose feather. Our 50/50 pillow provides the soft feel of down with the extra support and value of feathers by combining a very small curled feather with a select quality white goose down. Our superb 20/80 pillow is unlike most feather pillows in that it contains 20% white goose down and small, delicate goose feathers - no crushed quill.

Firmness Adjustable for Comfort

The higher the quality of the down, the more the pillow will "balloon" and return to its original shape. Feather pillows, on the other hand, tend to give a harder-packed feel. All fills are offered in soft, medium or firm. Choose soft for stomach sleepers, medium for back sleepers, and firm for side sleepers or have custom firmness made just for you. If the firmness you choose is not just right, you may return it to us to have additional fill added or removed at any time within one year of the date of purchase. We charge only for additional fill added, and any fill removed will be returned to you.

Choose down for a fluffy, more "buoyant" pillow. Choose feathers for a "harder-packed" feel.

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