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All DEWOOLFSON Down featherbeds are filled and finished to order within 2 business days for shipment from our North Carolina plant. Choose from 50% or 10% white goose down blended with white goose feathers. Read "Our Featherbed Difference" to learn about the unique differences in DEWOOLFSON featherbeds. Orders for custom fills gladly accepted.


Our Featherbed Difference

European Down & Feather Blended Featherbeds

All DEWOOLFSON Down Featherbeds are filled and finished to order within 2 business days for shipment from our North Carolina plant. We use only all hand-select European white goose down and feather fills, specialized downproof fabrics, and DEWOOLFSON's meticulous construction techniques. These are true "support featherbeds" that are often several times thicker than featherbeds from other manufacturers, and often contain more than 25% more fill by weight.

Hand Select European White Goose Fill

We think that all featherbeds should contain some feather, because feather adds a level of support for body weight that down does not. Choose from our blends of 10% or 50% European white goose down combined with a delicate European white goose feather. All DEWOOLFSON fill undergoes state-of-the-art sterilizing, washing, rinsing and sorting under strict supervision in the U.S.A, using German engineered equipment. Other down fills are available on request.

Our Featherbed Fabric

All fabrics are densely woven to an optimal thread count considering the gauge yarn and density of the weave necessary to withstand the years of use a featherbed receives. The fabric is engineered and finished by a European mill specializing in downproof fabrics for over 130 years.

DEWOOLFSON Baffled Box Construction

We use a network of internal baffled walls, each about 5 inches high, that intersect to create a box pattern. Each box is then individually filled, via a unique valve system that minimizes the potential for the fill to shift. All sewing is done internally, with no threads showing on the outer surface of the fabric.

Confidence in Textiles

All DEWOOLFSON fabrics are guaranteed to meet strict European environmental standards for ecologically safe textiles and to be free from formaldehyde, chlorine, heavy metals and other harmful chemicals. Good to sleep on, and good for the environment. Awarded at the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology. Hohenstein, Germany.

Infant/Child Warning

Infants and small children should not be left unattended on any featherbed or comforter. Please see the information on this site or labels attached to your featherbed.

Shipping $150 per featherbed to Hawaii, Alaska, and U.S. territories

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