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Why Silk?

Silk Comforters . . .the natural alternative to down 

Why a silk comforter from a down company?

Because we think it is the perfect addition to our line of the finest sleep products available. When we wanted a silk comforter we went direct to the renowned silk making region of China to have one made just for us.

Absolute Luxury

Silk comforters are a luxury once appreciated only by Chinese and Japanese nobility. Silk, one of the oldest known textile fibers, is believed to have been used as long ago as the 27th century B.C. Even today, in many Asian countries, silk is the preferred fill for sleeping comfort.

Mulberry Silk Floss

Our duple silk comforter is filled with the finest hand-pulled, natural mulberry silk floss available. The long silvery white floss fibers run up to 3000 yards each, forming layers of delicate silk batting that will never shift or bunch. Mulberry silk is known for its smooth texture and shimmering appearance. We have found this to be far superior to the "Tussah" or wild silk commonly found in other silk comforters. The duple silk winter weight comforter is covered with rich, supple 19mm silk satin, just slightly sandwashed. Customers have described the satin as “almost liquid” or “buttery smooth” because of its wonderful feel. The duple silk summer weight comforter is covered with a lighter 10mm sandwashed silk habotai, and is perfect for use in summer or in air conditioned bedrooms in warm climates. Both are generously oversized.

Naturally Hypo-Allergenic

Appreciated for their smooth hand and gentle warmth, silk comforters are naturally hypo-allergenic and an ideal alternative for those who are sensitive to down. The silk conforms to your body and is a luxury you will enjoy for many years to come. Treasure the richness of fine Oriental silk for years to come. This comforter must be dry cleaned.