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DEWOOLFSON's Down Outlet

Our Down Outlet has great savings for a small mark.

From time to time, we discover fabrics or unfilled comforter shells with minor fabric flaws. These are unsuitable to sell as a first quality DEWOOLFSON product and can be sold to you as an "irregular" at a discount. None of the flaws are significant, and you may not even notice them in some cases. Examples of flaws include small dirt smudges, small sewing machine oil stains, an occasional discolored yard or "mill mark", and faulty baffles in the comforter that have been repaired. And all outlet comforters are filled with the same quality European white goose down as all other DEWOOLFSON comforters. We're so sure you'll be satisfied, that all outlet products carry the same 30-day satisfaction guarantee as all other DEWOOLFSON Down products.

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