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Our Comforters Warmth Levels

Comforters Warmth & Weight

Our warmth levels are designed to make it easy to decide which weight comforter to choose.

Florida Light

The Florida Light comforter is perfect for warmer climates and cool summer nights, offering delicate warmth without weight.

Southern Light

This light-weight bed covering is ideal for those who keep their bedrooms moderately warm in winter or air-conditioned in summer.

Carolina Piedmont

One of our most popular weights, it is ideal for a wide range of climates and for use during many months of the year. It is perfect for moderately heated or cooler bedrooms generally kept at about 58 to 64 degrees F, depending on the individual.

Mountain Air

This comforter is thick and fluffy and ideal for winter or for those who prefer low bedroom heat in colder climates where the bedroom temperature is often below 58 degrees F. It has a beautiful, full look with a loft that accentuates the look of a duvet cover.

Canadian Winter

Especially appreciated by those desiring the ultimate fullness and beauty of our fluffiest comforter. The comforter construction is specially designed to hold large amounts of down and to allow the down to reach its maximum loft. Suited for the coldest climates, such as northern winters with little or no bedroom heat.

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