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Twin Irregular Goose Down Comforter
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As a manufacturer, from time to time, we have new comforters with minor fabric flaws. These flaws make the comforters unsuitable to sell as a first quality DeWoolfson Down product, and can be sold to you as an "irregular" at a discount. None of the flaws are significant, and you may not even notice them in some cases. Examples of flaws include small dirt smudges, small sewing machine oil stains, an ocassional discolored yard or "mill mark", and faulty baffles in the comforter that have been repaired. And all outlet comforters are filled with the same quality European white goose down as all other DeWoolfson Down comforters. We're so sure you'll be satisfied, that all outlet products carry the same 30 day satisfaction guarantee as all other DeWoolfson Down products.

Twin Goose Down Comforter
Twin Irregular Goose Down Comforter

Our Fills

Our down comforters are available in your choice of our most popular 650 fill power European white goose down or our finest 750 fill power hand-harvested Hungarian white goose down. Down is the fluffy, delicate undercoating of a goose. The ability of down to loft, or to fill a given volume of space, is called fill power. Fill power is measured in cubic inches of volume.

One ounce of 650 fill power down (650 WGD), will loft to fill a volume of 650 cubic inches. Fill power ranges from about 500 to 800 for special types of white goose down. Thus, in order to achieve maximum "warmth without weight", we recommend at least a 650 fill power down. Feathers have little insulating ability because they do not have the same lofting characteristics of down.

Our hand selected 750 fill white goose down (750 WGD) has approximately 15 percent more warmth than our 650 fill power down. It is specially washed, dried, and sorted to our specifications in the United States as our assurance of final quality.

For what is perhaps the world's finest comforter, see our Silk Covered Down, using rare 800 fill power white goose down (800 WGD). It is specially washed, dried, and sorted to our specifications in the United States as our assurance of final quality. All DeWoolfson fills are guaranteed to be of European origin. 

Be careful in selecting a very warm comforter. Our experience is that many people are truly surprised at how much heat a comforter retains.
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