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Thumbnails below show our warmth levels only. Not representative of fabric.

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Southern Light weight Comforter
Carolina Piedmont weight Comforter
Mountain Air weight Comforter
Canadian Winter weight Comforter

Sateen Comforter

White Goose Down Comforter

We've put everything we know about old-world craftsmanship into this luxurious duvet - an exquisite sateen weave baffled box comforter. We started with the world's finest downproof cotton sateen, woven to a silky 360 threads per inch. Sateen finishing ensures its downproof quality and guarantees that it is free of all harmful chemical substances.

  • Comforter constructed to offer the finest in form and function

  • Large 14" boxes, separated by a series of internal fabric walls maximize the down's loft while minimizing shifting - Baffled box construction

  • Offered in Southern Light through Canadian Winter weights

    • We recommend choosing one weight lighter than what you think you might need. We can add more down to a comforter; we cannot remove down.

  • Choose from 650, 750 and 850 fill power all-European white goose down.

  • Note: 20% restocking fee on returned Canadian Winter comforters

  • Fabric meets strict OEKO-TEX International standards for ecologically safe and healthful textiles   

      $25 per comforter in the continental U.S.A.

    Select a sateen covered comforter according to warmth level and size below.

Sateen Comforter
[show] Southern Light warmth level
Carolina Piedmont warmth level
Twin Comforter (68 x 92 in.), Carolina Piedmont, 30 oz.
Queen Comforter (92 x 92 in.), Carolina Piedmont, 44 oz.
King Comforter (110 x 92 in.), Carolina Piedmont, 48 oz.
[show] Mountain Air warmth level
[show] Canadian Winter warmth level
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