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Core Support Pillow Core Support Pillow Core Support Pillow Core Support Pillow
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Core Support Pillow

One of DEWOOLFSON's newest pillows, Core Support Pillow, is for those who prefer to rest their head next to down and have the support of a harder-packed pillow. The outside of this 650 fill, white goose down pillow looks just like any other pillow. The center, however, is where everything changes. Inside this pillow, we have surrounded a 10/90 feather-blend center by a layer of 650 fill, white goose down above and below. The down layers are separated from the feather-blend center with fabric.

  • Available in one firmness
  • Offered in 3 sizes:
    • standard
    • queen
    • king
  • Fabric meets strict OEKO-TEX International standards for ecologically safe and healthful textiles.
$10 per pillow within the continental U.S.
Core Support Pillow Price Qty
Standard (20 x 26 in.)Core$119.00
Queen (20 x 30 in.)Core$129.00
King (20 x 36 in.)Core$139.00