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Downproof Pillow Protector

Pillow Protector

As a producer of some of America's finest down pillows, you would expect that our pillow protectors would be extraordinary. These zippered protectors are made from the same trusted downproof fabric that we use on our finest down pillows. The fabric is densely woven in a white-on-white damask stripe fabric from the finest cotton yarns and calendered under heat and pressure. The result is a fabric that is not only exceptionally light in weight, but also downproof and naturally dust mite resistant. This fabric was specially chosen to not interfere with the natural feel of a down pillow. Generously oversized to allow for shrinkage with frequent hot water washings. Made from German-engineered downproof fabric exclusively for DEWOOLFSON.

Fabric meets strict OEKO-TEX International standards for ecologically safe and healthful textiles.

Downproof Pillow Protector
Standard Pillow Protector (21 x 27 in.)
Queen Pillow Protector (21 x 31 in.)
King Pillow Protector (21 x 37 in.)
Euro Square Pillow Protector (27 x 27 in.)
German Square Pillow Protector (32 x 32 in.)
Neckroll Pillow Protector (7 x 15 in.)
Travel Pillow Protector (17 x 21 in.)
Boudoir Pillow Protector (13 x 17 in.)
Small Body Pillow Protector (22 x 61 in.)
Large Body Pillow Protector (22 x 73 in.)
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